Softlok 2

Softlok2 API
The Softlok 2 Key can be accessed from most compilers running under Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Drivers are provided along with example installation code in Installshield and C. Compiler support consists of library files and a DLL containing the Softlok 2 API that is added to the project. The API is very easy to use and implement using just 4 functions for the standalone key providing access to the 240 bytes of secure memory. NetSoftlok 2 described later has it's own API.

This function reads num bytes from address adr in the key using the password.
This function writes the data to address adr in the key using the password.
This function changes the password.
This function reads the unique electronic serial number programmed into each Softlok 2 key.

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